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Do you want to improve your confidence in professional communication?

Are you looking for opportunities to develop your speech and drama skills?

Can we help you gain the effective, confident voice and poise you need?

Studies in oral communication and speech and drama are fun and focused ways to build confidence, creativity and imagination and to develop strengths in the well-spoken, fluent presentation of ideas in all fields.

We can create individualised courses to meet your specific needs.

Courses vary in cost depending on the number of attendees and sessions.

If you have any specific requirements or areas of focus that you'd like to discuss, please reach out!



Professional Communication Masterclasses

Theater Workshops


Courses starts at $125 + GST per hour.

Online/Zoom tuition is available.

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Reading performance

This is particularly suitable for those wishing to develop reading fluency.

Reading and creative interpretation of texts (includes liturgist training).

Speaking Dynamics 

This is the broadest course as it covers: character recital, conversation skills, mime, improvisation, poetry speaking, Bible reading, sight and prepared reading, public speaking, and puppetry.

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Effective and Confident Communication 

This course covers: Effective Communication in a MASK, public presentations, Powerpoint, conversation skills, interview techniques, impromptu and prepared talks. 

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Group Drama

Course includes: mime, improvisation, scripted and devised drama, choral speaking, and debating. 

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Performance Arts

This is the broadest exam course.

Students actively incorporate the use of other disciplines they are studying within performances eg. singing, dance and a musical instrument, puppetry, costume design, and set design.

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Course covers the study and performance of Shakespeare’s sonnets and dramatic characters, as well as prose extracts from novels written about Shakespeare’s characters. 

Theater Reviews

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